Careers in the Animal Field

Have you ever considered a career in the animal field?  Would you like to train dogs to be more obedient, or even to assist police officers?  How about training a dog to become a service animal and help those who are in need?  There are so many different animal careers to choose from, so why not get started today!?

At the Petropolis Academy of Dog Training, students travel from all around the country to learn how to train dogs for a variety of uses.  The pet care industry is constantly growing, and dog trainers are currently in high demand! Careers in animal training have evolved from much more than basic obedience over the years. Now dogs can assist people in ways that you might not have even thought of.  Scent detection can be used by law enforcement officers to catch criminals and solve crimes.  Service dogs can help disabled individuals to open doors and pick items up for them.  Protection dogs can help to keep families safe by warding off intruders.  The possibilities are endless with careers in the animal field.

To learn more about what animal careers might be best for you, call the Petropolis Academy of Dog Training at 636-898-5849 today!